CBD & Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain is a major problem for many. Studies found at NCBI have shown that over half of older adults suffer from persistent pain. When put into nursing home situations the numbers grew drastically to 80%. 

The CDC shared that 50 million Americans – about 20% (even suggested up to 40%) of the population – have persistent and Chronic Pain. Of those 50 million, around 20 million of them suffer from what is known as high-impact chronic pain. This is the kind of pain that limits your life, from interpersonal relationships to physical outings and every day living activities.

Chronic Pain is linked to many physical and mental conditions that contribute to high medical and healthcare costs as well as drastic losses in productivity. This pain is also more prevalent amongst adults which are living within lower income and poverty stricken areas, may have lower educational aids and who have public health insurance. Underserved and in great need for compassion and care are the words that we use for these populations here at Dank Flavors.

“Pain is a component of many chronic conditions, and chronic pain is emerging as a health concern on its own, with negative consequences to individual persons, their families, and society as a whole,” reported James Dahlhamer, PhD, of the CDC’s Division of Health Interview Statistics.

Many are pushed in this modern world to turn to pain pills as an immediate action. Nature is second guessed and oddly always questioned. This has lead to a voracious opioid and narcotic epidemic that has swept our nations. These medications cover up your problem and can help to cover much of your pain. But at the costs of damaging your mind, your love for life and your ability to function at your highest level.

In 1988, the first known Cannabinoid Receptor was discovered (CB1), and in 1993 the second Receptor (CB2) was discovered. Since these discoveries, and that of the Endocannabinoid System as well as various Cannabinoid effects, we have been seeking their guidance to rid ourselves of a variety of ailments such including inflammation and chronic pain. Through this research it has been found that Cannabidiol (CBD) is a neuroprotectant and displays antioxidant activity GREATER than Vitamin C or Vitamin E!!!

Not only is CBD sought after largely for Chronic Pain, but every day use can aid in warding off the beginning causes of many types of pain such as inflammation, stress, tension, over-thinking and more. Additionally, CBD reduces THC related intoxication, panic, anxiety and tachycardia which can help your overall Cannabinoid experience if you are wanting the additional synergistic effects of THC in your daily routine!

Terpenes combined with CBD create the much desired and needed to be effective, ‘entourage effect’. The Terpenes most used in history for Chronic Pain and Inflammation are Myrcene, Alpha-Pinene, Caryophyllene, Beta-PineneLinaloolGeraniolCitronellol, BorneolTerpineol which are all within our Anti-Inflammatory + Pain Relief Blend for a full and well-rounded CBD experience that has proven effective over and over again!

The facts are there waiting for you if you look! Just a simple Google Search opens thousands of articles, reviews, peer journals, research and studies that are proving more and more every day the amazing benefits that come from Cannabinoid consumption and our everyday needs.

Many who get our Anti-Inflammatory+Pain Relief Blend get 1000mg or higher concentrations so that you can take at least 33mg per day if needed. Those who have SEVERE pain can take 50-150mg per day to help get control of this pain or before/after a hard day on the body.d

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