CBD + Limonene

Limonene is a Terpene use widely for anxiety, depression and stress. It is a naturally occurring hydrocarbon found most commonly within citrus rinds such as oranges where it constitutes 98% of the essential oils derived from the peels!

It is also an aromatic component produced by Hemp and other Cannabis flower resin glands. These Terpenes determine the smells of Cannabis plants, molecules such as CBD or THC (plus the other 109 Cannabinoids) have no smell. Terpenes are basically medicinal essential oils.

So far, studies have shown incredible promise for Limonene as a mood elevator, stress reliever, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, indigestion reliever and aids to improve the absorption of other Terpenes & Cannabinoids by way of the skin, digestive tract and mucus membranes.

Limonene has also showed promise in its anti-tumor fighting capabilities by way of a Phase 1 Human Clinical Trial where it was found that Limonene was effective at reducing breast cancer tumor growth for nearly a full year! Studies after that which include DAILY Limonene supplementation for at least 2-6 weeks literally silenced a main protein that promotes the growth of cancerous breast tissue. This suggests that taking Limonene daily may cease the growth and spreading of breast tumors.

It gets better. New reports have uncovered more Limonene benefits in laboratory settings by causing tumor cell death in lung and brain cancer! These studies show the amount of Limonene needed for these effects would likely be more than what a high Limonene Cannabis Flower Strain can offer.

That is why our Morning Motivator is PACKED with Limonene! It is a key Terpene used to diffuse severe stress and hard to manage depression. Taking a daily dose can help you defeat your anxiety and help clear your mind for the day to come!

Learn more about Limonene here!

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